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Aaron Crane

Aaron Crane has been a Linux user, programmer, and sysadmin since 1994. In that time, he's lived, hacked, worked, and studied variously in Manchester, London, Boulder and Edinburgh. In Boulder he was involved in research into applications of phonological theory to automatic speech recognition and in Edinburgh he used a morphological analyser to build a spelling checker for Scottish Gaelic as part of an MSc degree.

Aaron has been based in Leeds for several years, working as a trainer, consultant, and software developer. He now works as technical overlord for The Register, the UK's leading IT news site.

UKUUG Presentations, etc.
Linux 2004 Conference
The 糞▯ Fonts Don't Work: A Practical Guide to Unicode on Unix
Linux 2003 Conference
Mass Unattended Linux Installations
Linux 2002 Conference
Experiences of Using PHP in Large Websites


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