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Andrew Nicolson
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I've had a varied career so far, in creative, business, activist and technical fields - London Film Makers' Co-op, Avon Valley Cyclery of Bath, introducing (sometimes bad) software into bicycle shops, environmental transport campaigning and most recently software engineering.

My first computer language was Algol, studied at Keele University. My recent/ongoing work on "software development for a fuzzy client" (in Java) was presented to the UKUUG winter conference. The client in question is the UK LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme) community, where local group members trade with each other in a local currency.

I'm now researching at Southampton Business School, into meaningful, as opposed to statistical, aspects of the adoption of open-source software in organisations.

I have daughters, ride a bicycle, and read everything I can about software development and qualitative research.

UKUUG Presentations, etc.
Linux 2003 Conference
Not Fired for Buying Linux? Quirks of Open Source Adopters' worldviews


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