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Allison Randal , The Perl Foundation

Allison Randal's first geek career was as a research linguist in eastern Africa. Working with minority languages led to a series of academic papers delivered in obscure places like the Czech Republic, but eventually her love of coding seduced her away from natural languages to artificial ones. In particular, to Perl.

Allison is the author of two books, "Perl 6 Essentials" and "Perl 6 and Parrot Essentials", both published by O'Reilly. She is the project manager of the Perl 6 core development team, and has been working closely with Damian Conway and Larry Wall on Perl 6. She is dedicated to the success of the project and is one of the very first to learn about anything new that's proposed for Perl 6. Allison is also president of The Perl Foundation.

In her spare time she enjoys extreme sports: teaching Perl to Java programmers, Perl Monger wrangling, and debating linguistics with Larry and Damian.


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Winter Conference 2005 Perl 6 Workshop

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