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Brad Knowles, Belgacom Skynet SA/NV

Brad has been mucking about doing Internet mail systems administration and warping his brain around sendmail since 1992, at a time when the only available printed documentation was a single chapter in the then brand-new book "TCP/IP Network Administration" by Craig Hunt, published by O'Reilly & Assoc.
In the years since, he has been the comp.mail.sendmail FAQ maintainer, the Senior Internet Mail Systems Administrator for America Online, Senior Process Consultant for Collective Technologies, and the Systems Architect for Belgacom Skynet SA/NV.
He is now currently a Senior Consultant for Snow BV, a leading Unix/Internet consulting company in the Netherlands.

He has a BSCS degree from the University of Oklahoma, and is married and living with his wife and four beautiful cats in Brussels, Belgium.
You can read more about him on his Biography Page.

UKUUG Presentations, etc.

Winter Conference
2001-02-08 / 09

Winter Conf Feb2003

The Design and Implementation of Highly Scalable Email Systems


MTA Performance Comparison: sendmail, postfix & exim on *BSD


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