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David Axmark ,
David Axmark--2002-07-05_2241 by CC, Lx2002, Bristol,

David Axmark, one of the two active founders of MySQL AB, was involved with the MySQL database well before it had a name. David now writes MySQL code and documentation, and he promotes the database at conferences and other venues throughout the world. David has worked as a consultant and software developer for nearly 20 years. Interested in free software since the early '80s, David is committed to developing a successful business model through open source software. Before MySQL took over all time David worked as a consultant for over 15 years. The things he did included A State of the art Market research system (CommonLISP+CLOS+MySQL's ISAM) and a Advanced Business graphics package (in 32k RAM). He has written many lines of code in 6502 and Z80 assembler, BASIC, C, CommonLisp, (Bourne)-Shell and Perl. Hobbies include mountain hiking, discgolf and Ultimate Frisbee.

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Linux 2002 Conference
MySQL: The Commercial OpenSource Database
LISA/Winter '04
MySQL High Availability Features


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