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Dave Coombs
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Dave Coombs co-founded NITI ( in 1997, with Avery Pennarun, in order to preclude any chance that university might not be quite stressful enough. Just kidding: it was actually because of market research. They found that a lot of things really suck, and they wanted to fix some of them.

Since then, Dave has been involved with most of NITI's open-source projects. He's the primary author of WvDial, and also wrote large parts of WvStreams, the C++ networking library that makes it all possible. These days, he manages a gang of unruly programmers at NITI's R&D centre in Montreal, but he still sometimes finds time to do real work too.

UKUUG Presentations, etc.
Linux 2004 Conference
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot: Replication with WvSync
WvStreams: An Easier Way to World Domination


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