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David McAllister

David W. McAllister, Director, Strategic Technologies, Egenera Inc
A Director of Strategic Technologies, McAllister is responsible for identifying, evaluating and articulating the value of new technologies. Before joining the Company, he was senior director of marketing for 3ware, Inc., where he advocated for Linux and BSD while defining and delivering third-generation storage systems based on iSCSI and designed to reinvent the storage industry.
Prior to this, as CTO of Maxspeed, Inc., McAllister helped raise $14.7 million in venture funding while driving the startup's development and promotion of thin-client solutions for Linux. While director of strategic technologies at Silicon Graphics, he served as the company's primary spokesperson for Open Source initiatives, and was instrumental in establishing and guiding SGI's Linux strategy for both operating systems and hardware.
A respected figure in the Open Source world, McAllister has been active in the Linux Professional Institute, Linux International, the Object Management Group, the Software Publishers Association and, including numerous international keynotes. He holds Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics and chemistry from Old Dominion University, and has studied computer science at the graduate level.

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