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Eddie Bleasdale, NetProject

Eddie Bleasdale has been running his own company since 1976. He was responsible for the design and development of the first Unix computers to be built in Europe. These were subsequently manufactured under licence by British Telecom. The company he established, Bleasdale Computer Systems, is now the longest established Unix systems company in the world. Bleasdale Computer Systems together with West Midlands Ambulance Authority is the major supplier of Ambulance Command and Control systems in the UK. Since 1989, when the first system of these systems was installed, there has not been a single failure of any of these systems. Eddie's view is that this level of reliability should be the norm and not the exception and we must question why the frequency of failure computer systems.

He has done a large amount of consultancy work for organisations, including Banks, Insurance Companies, Public Utilities and Government Departments helping them understand how to design and build distributed systems that provide a basis for secure e-business over the Internet.

He now directs netproject that has the remit of helping its members achieve vendor independent, secure and stable distributed systems that enable e-business. He is a leading international authority on the developments that are affecting the computer industry and uses his extensive practical experience to show how organisations can successfully respond to the challenges of achieving secure, reliable and stable systems that enable e-business.

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2003-02-18 / 19
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds


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