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Henning Brauer , OpenBSD
Henning Brauer

Henning Brauer, 26, lives in Hamburg/Germany and works at an ISP. He has been an OpenBSD developer for some years now, focused on network stuff. In the past he spent a lot of work on the packet filter, pf, including the altq merge, thus providing stateful bandwidth management. He also wrote the chroot and privilege revocation extensions for apache, and did the privilege revocation/seperation for the dhcp related programs, as well as several other smaller network daemons. He started bgpd in late 2003 and ntpd in mid-2004. When you meet him without a notebook he's likely mountainbiking or enjoying brewer's art. When in Canada he also loves to go for a hike.


UKUUG Presentations, etc.
Winter Conference 2005 bgpd (Border Gateway Protocol Daemon)
Winter Conference 2005 ntpd (Network Time Protocol Daemon)
Winter Conference 2005 Writing Signal Handlers

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