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John Hearns
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John Hearns has a PhD in high energy physics. He sadly contracted a bad case of the computer disease at CERN in Geneva, and has been trying to shake it off ever since.

He has worked in applying computing to medicine, working on the UK's first PACS system and then in clinical Positron Emission Tomography imaging at Guys and St. Thomas' Hospitals. John then went on to the AMInet project at Guys, installing a cutting edge ATM network used for medical imaging, telemedicine and video conferencing.

Having got a liking for playing with Silicon Graphics workstations and fibre optic networking, John went to work in the animation and special effects industry in Soho, where there are a lot of these toys to play with. At Framestore and CFC, John looked after the infrastructure which produced such series as 'Walking with Dinosaurs' and many well-known TV adverts. The first Linux machines started making inroads into the effects industry at this time.

A talk at DECUS by Jon 'Maddog' Hall led John astray into a long infatuation with Linux clustering and Beowulfery. John briefly returned to CERN last year to work on Grid computing and large scale cluster management.

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