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John Smedley
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After graduating Mr. John Smedley worked in the Financial Sector and in distribution before starting his Information Technology career more than 30 years ago. He has extensive systems analysis, systems design and programming, experience that has been gained on mainframe, midrange, and mini computers; developing character and GUI based systems and batch programs for a wide range of commercial and financial applications on top of mainframe, Relational and Object Database Systems.

Employed by Relational Technology which became the Ingres Corporation, and then with the ASK group, Mr John Smedley advanced to became a Principal Corporate Consultant with wide ranging Ingres product responsibilities around the world.

When Computer Associates (CA) acquired the ASK Group, Mr John Smedley became one of the most senior Ingres product specialists, running the Ingres worldwide SWAT Team, and then working with other development groups on CA's integrated Database (MDB).

When in 2005, CA sold Ingres to Garnett & Helfrich Capital, Mr. John Smedley moved with Ingres into the new company, where he currently reports to the SVP of Engineering.

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