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Lars Marowsky-Bree,
SUSE Labs,
{image awaited},
but at linux-kongress2001 ...

Lars Marowsky-Bree currently works as technical lead and developer for the SUSE Labs. His main area of expertise are High Availability and Cluster related topics; ranging from storage (multipathing, RAID and replication) over network load balancing to Cluster Infrastructure Service, Resource Management and Administration. As a realist (people who call him a pessimist already do not want to know what that would be like!) and natural paranoid, he enjoys these topics a lot.

Using Linux since 1994, his initial involvement with network operations (aka BOFH) provided him with lots of real-life experience about the various reasons for service outages and the one common factor. He soon began to appreciate the complexities in keeping a service running in the face of malicious software, possessed hardware, well-intentioned users and the world at large and loves to rant about it; this has kept him employed and invited to conferences ever since.

In early 2000, he took the chance to work on Linux High Availability exclusively and joined SuSE.

UKUUG Presentations, etc.
Tutorial: High Availability Clusters
idem A New Cluster Resource Manager for Heartbeat


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