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Mark Baker,
Distributed Systems Group,
University of Portsmouth
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Dr Mark Baker is a Reader in Distributed Systems, and runs the Distributed Systems Group (DSG), which is involved in the research and development of middleware for Clusters and the Grid. Mark is also a visiting Professor of Computer Science at the Cavendish School of Computer Science at the University of Westminster. Mark's current research interests include wide area resource monitoring, the integration of information services, and cross environment application and service development. Mark has published more than fifty papers and articles in international journals, conferences, workshops and magazines in his areas of interest.

Mark is co-founder and co-chair of the IEEE Computer Society's Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC ), and he is also an executive member of the Technical Committee on Parallel Processing (TCPP). Mark was instrumental in forming, and is still very involved, in the Cluster, and Cluster and the Grid (CCGrid) conferences, as well as the Grid workshops that are held in conjunction with the SC conferences.

UKUUG Presentations, etc.
LISA/Winter Conf '04
with Matthew Grove
javaGMA: A lightweight implementation of the Grid Monitoring Architecture


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