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Mark Probst (Austria)
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I have studied computer science at the University of Technology in Vienna, where I am currently working on my dissertation. My main field of interest is computer language design and implementation. This is reflected in the topics of my diploma thesis (Proper Tail Recursion in C) and of my dissertation, which is on the topic of binary translation.

Binary translation is the translation of binary programs (executables) from one machine language to another. Static binary translation takes on a whole program at once, while dynamic binary translation compiles on-the-fly (like Transmeta's Crusoe). It's the latter I'm primarily interested in.

Additionally, I juggle. My 5 ball cascade is very solid (personal record: 1360 catches), 4 clubs is slowly getting better and I'm hard at work practising 7 balls.

Peer-reviewed publications: Fast Machine-Adaptable Dynamic Binary Translation (Proceedings of the Workshop on Binary Translation 2001); Monitors and Exceptions: How to implement Java efficiently (Appeared at ACM 1998 Workshop on Java for High-Performance Network Computing)

UKUUG Presentations, etc.
Linux 2002 Conference
Dynamic Binary Translation
The MathMap Image Manipulation Language


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