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Richard graduated in pure mathematics from the University of Kingston upon Hull. He joined IBM in 1984 as a Networking Systems Programmer. His entire career has been devoted to problem determination and developing PD techniques.

He has worked in a wide range of operating system environments including MVS and OS/2. Under OS/2 he co-authored the OS/2 Debugging Handbooks and was responsible for adding enhanced tracing and dumping capabilities.

He now works in IBM's Linux Technology Centre as RAS Architect and is responsible for leading Serviceability initiatives for Linux. He is currently working on Dynamic Probes, and Flexible Dump and Error Logging.

As of January 2004 Richard works for in the Advance Linux Response Team of the IBM's Linux Technology Centre, which concerns itself with special bids and pre-sales technical consulting for Linux.

UKUUG Presentations, etc.
Linux 2004 Conference
WORKSHOP: Diagnosing System Hangs and Crashes using lkcd and dprobes
Preparing Linux for the Enterprise
Linux 2003 Conference
RelayFS: Transmitting data from kernel to userspace
Linux 2001 Conference
Dynamic Probes - A trace mechanism for both user and kernel space


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