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Simon Myers

Smylers is a Perl developer for Doncaster-based web-hosting company Donhost He lives in Leeds, and seems to be making a habit of having his employers relocate there: Donhost recently opened a Leeds office, and before that he worked for GBdirect, who moved from Bradford to Leeds.

During his time at GBdirect he taught their Perl, PHP, Apache, Linux, and CSS training courses, and was a developer on top IT news website 'The Register', where he was responsible for much of the CSS and crazy mod_rewrite rules that are (just about) holding it together. Before that he got a degree at Leeds University, where he did quite well indeed thank you for asking, and did a spot of teaching programming there.

Donhost uses a lot of FreeBSD. This is the first time Smylers has worked in a non-Linux-based environment, but he seems to be coping OK: he's still spent his entire working life based on Unix-like software libre platforms -- and he hopes to keep it that way.

Smylers has given up the pretence that he has any spare time, and is pretty sure that partaking in gratuitous sarcasm is the nearest thing he has to a hobby. He hangs around the Perl 6 design mailing list, and is a frequent speaker at his local Linux users group.

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