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Steven Newhouse, Technical Director, London e-Science Centre

Steven is the Sun Lecturer in e-Science in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London and Technical Director of the London e-Science Centre (LeSC) ( also based at Imperial. He has a research and management background in High Performance Computing and is now leading LeSC's involvement in several e-science projects involving industrial collaborations with Sun Microsystems and Intel Corporation, and research collaborations involving materials modelling, distributed climate modelling, computational economics and high throughput scheduling infrastructures.

These projects, are being used to develop ICENI "the Imperial College e-Science Networked Infrastructure" a service oriented architecture built using Java and Jini that provides a gateway to other infrastructures such as the Open Grid Services Architecture ( He is also active in the development of the UK e-Science Grid and other areas of the UK e-Science programme, the Global Grid Forum where he co-chairs several groups, and he leads the deployment of Grid infrastructures such as Globus, Condor and Sun Grid Engine across the College.

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Winter Conference
2003-02-18 / 19
Inside the Grid and its Future


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