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Sander Striker (Netherlands)
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Born and raised in the Netherlands, I got my first computer at the age of 8 (C64); currently I'm 26 and have visited the Amiga (500 and 1200), and the Intel PC, and ploughed through BASIC, MC680x0 assembly, C, C++.

I get paid for doing Windows application development in Visual C++ in my one-man company. I am an open source developer in my free time and started my open source work with Samba. Later on I moved to Samba TNG and came in contact with the Apache community while doing some research on APR (Apache Portable Runtime) and decided to stick around.

Currently I am a contributor to APR, Apache and Subversion. The latter depends on APR and given my interest in version control systems I decided to check it out and contribute.

UKUUG Presentations, etc.
Linux 2002 Conference
Subversion: A Version Control System Replacing CVS


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