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Sandro Zic

Sandro Zic is CEO of ZZ/OSS. He heads up the Open Source project Software 4 Open Communities and is core developer of CONESYS - the COntent NEtwork SYStem.

He has played around with computers since his childhood, taking his first steps in programming with BASIC. He started software development seriously in 1998 and over time aquired skills autodidactically in Web-related technologies like Perl, PHP, Java Servlets, JSP, XML and Webservices, and database servers like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle.

Sandro is actively engaged in the international Open Source community, especially with ZZ/OSS Open Source products, the PEAR group, the OpenISIS database for digital libraries, and Bitfluxeditor - a WYSIWYG XML editor. He has been invited to speak at several conferences, e.g. the International PHP Conference, or the MySQL users conference. He writes and/or reviews books for software programmers for Wrox Press, dpunkt, and s&s.

In his leisure time he enjoys travelling, reading non-programmers' books, and playing the electronic guitar in his band.

UKUUG Presentations, etc.
Linux 2003 Conference
CONESYS: The COntent NEtwork SYstem
Software for Open Communities


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