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Tim Chown,
University of Southampton

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Tim leads the IPv6 activity in the Pervasive Computing and Networks theme within the Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia (IAM) research group in the Electronics and Computer Science Department at the University of Southampton.

The Group has been studying IPv6 since 1996, and has had native IPv6 connectivity to the world-wide 6bone network since July 1997. Southampton was a partner on the now completed European 6INIT IPv6 deployment project, and is now working on its wireless successor, 6WINIT. The group is active both nationally through the Bermuda 2 IPv6 deployment project on the UK JANET Academic network and internationally through leadership of IPv6 piloting in the European G?ANT network. Southampton is a member of the IPv6 Forum, and Dr Chown is Co-chair of the Forum's Education and Awareness working group. Most recently work has begun on two large-scale EU-funded projects, 6NET and Euro6IX, which together have over 30M Euros and 2,500 man months of commitment towards IPv6 deployment in Europe.

Dr Chown is also involved with a number of JISC-funded projects on the subject of data security, including firewall, certificate deployment, anti-virus and anti-spam methods. These are funded under the JTAP and JCAS programmes. He is also involved in the running of the Department's WEB Centre commercial ISP. He is also heavily involved in the UK IPv6 Task Force.

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