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The UKUUG provides regular informative and educational events for its members and the public, where thoughtful and knowledgeable speakers share their experiences with the attendees. Events are intended for two-way communication, allowing delegates with a serious interest in their subjects to hear coal-face experts giving detailed talks followed by discussions about problems, discoveries and future developments.

UKUUG events have a worldwide reputation as the place for experts to rub shoulders and pool their knowledge whilst retaining a welcome for beginners. Events are run on a not-for-profit basis, with costs kept a low as possible.

Forthcoming Events and Training

PF Tutorial
22th Sept, 2011. London.
22th Sept, 2011. London.
DNSSEC Tutorial
16th November, 2011. London.

There are two main events each year; the Spring Conference in or around March, and the UK's main Linux Conference in the summer. Other events are scheduled when suitable topics and speakers are found.

You can suggest an event topic to UKUUG using this form.

Recent Past Events

Debian Packaging Tutorial, 19th May, 2011. London.
Opentech 2011 - 21st May, 2011
Spring 2011 Conference 22-24th March, 2011. Leeds.
Perl training: Intermediate and Advanced courses, 2 days each, London.
FLOSS UK Unconference, 16th October, 2010. Birmingham.
Spring Conference 2010, Manchester.
3 Perl Training events - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, April 2010
OpenTech 2010 11th September, 2010. London.
Annual General Meeting 2010. Thursday 23rd September, London.
Perl Tutorials, Perl Training in London, 24-26 November, 2009.
Advanced DNS training, 13th October 2009 in London
Annual General Meeting 2009
EuroBSDCon 2009, September, Cambridge UK. Conference and tutorials.
Summer 2009 7th-9th August in Birmingham
OpenTech 2009 - 4th July in London
Spring 2009 - 24-26th March in London
Annual General Meeting 2008
Linux 2008, 7-9th November in Manchester
OpenTech 2008 5th July in London
Moodle Tutorial 30th June in London, in associate with O'Reilly
Free Evening talk: OpenMoko by Ole Tange 9th April 2008
PostgreSQL SIG one day conference 2nd April 2008 in Birmingham.
Spring 2008 conference in Birmingham. 31st March - 2nd April 2008 in Birmingham.
Single-day seminarFiles and Backup. 19th and 20th February 2008 in London.
RT Tutorial — 16th October in London
Single-day seminarsDatabases — 16th October 2007 in London (same day as RT tutorial).
AGM 2007 and Evening talk: The future of the linux desktop
Linux 2007 2nd-4th September 2007 in Cambridge.
System Configuration and LCFG Tutorial Workshop June 2 in Edinburgh, run by the University of Edinburgh.
Spring 2007 Conference, 19-21 of March in Manchester
AGM 2006 and evening talk
UKUUG Linux Conference 2006 29th June to 2nd July in Brighton.
Update of the constitution: introduction to GPLv3. 29th May 2006, Manchester
UKUUG/Apple Technical Briefing 2006, April 20th 2006, London.
UKUUG Spring Conference & Tutorials, 21st to 23rd March 2006, Durham.
UKUUG Annual General Meeting 2005, 22nd September, London
Linux Conference 2005, 4th-7th August, Swansea Open Tech 2005
Advanced DNS Tutorial, 18th May, Manchester
LISA/Winter Conference 2005, 24-25 February, Birmigham
Apple Technical Briefing - Mac OS X and High Performance Heterogenous Environments Featuring Jordan Hubbard amongst others.
Tutorial: Building an Enterprise Logging Infrastructure
Annual General Meeting 2004, 23 September, London.
Software Freedom Day 2004, 28 August, Worldwide.
Linux Technical Conference , 5-8 Aug, Leeds
Lonix present an evening of Perl talks, 29 Apr, London
Tutorial: Advanced Topics in DNS Administration, 20 Apr, London
LISA/Winter Conference 2004, 25-26 Feb, Bournemouth (& EGM)
Apple Technology briefing - Mac OS X and the Power of UNIX, 11 Nov, Stockely Park.
AGM, and talk by Dave Raggett on Emerging web standards, 25 Sep, London
Linux Technical' Conference, 31 July - 3 Aug, Edinburgh
Tim O'Reilly speaks ..., 23 June, London
XOM: When SAX is too stringy and DOM is too lumpy by Elliotte Rusty Harold, 19 Mar, London.
LISA/Winter Conference, 18-19 Feb, London.


Older events can be found on this page.
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