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Tim O'Reilly

The Open Source Paradigm Shift: LAMP as the 'Intel inside' of the next generation of computer applications

Who: Tim O'Reilly (bio)
Slides: Tim's slides are available here in PDF, HTML and PowerPoint formats
Writeups: A writeup has been done by Mike McKay. Some photographs.
When: Monday 23rd June, 2003
7pm start; 6:30pm doors
Where: City University, Northampton Square.
Directions are available upon registration
Cost:Free entry although preregistration is required and places are limited.
You do not have to be a UKUUG member to attend
Registration is now closed

On June 23rd 2003, in conjunction with O'Reilly, UKUUG is proud to be hosting Tim O'Reilly, in London. Tim is founder and President of the widely acclaimed O'Reilly and Associates.

The Open Source Paradigm Shift: Lamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Perl, Python) as the 'Intel inside' of the next generation of computer applications.

The computer industry has gone through a sea change in the past few years. The killer applications of the web era turned out not to be PC-based software packages like the web browser, but web hosted applications like google, mapquest and These applications are built on top of Linux and Apache, yet they are themselves fiercely proprietary. But what would most developers do with their source code? These massive systems are valuable for their data as much as for their programs. And by opening up XML web services APIs to that data, the most innovative of these sites are creating new opportunities for hackers to "scratch their own itch."  One of the greatest challenges for open source in the next few years is to understand and adapt to the paradigm shift implicit in network computing, and to shed the legacy thinking of the desktop era.

Registration for this event is free and open to all (registration form). Registrations must be confirmed (confirmation form) and can be cancelled at any point after confirmation (cancellation form)

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Josette and the rest of O'Reilly UK for organising Tim's visit. UKUUG is grateful to the Department of Computing, at City University for providing accommodation and to David Dodson of the ACM British Chapter for local organisation. Thanks also to Tushar Joshi of LONIX for their assistance with publicity and other tasks.

The UKUUG was formed to represent users of UNIX and Open Systems in the United Kingdom. It uniquely caters for the needs of people in this area and, being totally funded by membership subscriptions, is completely independent of specific hardware and software vendors. All profits are used to further the activities of the organisation (more details about UKUUG).

UKUUG members get a 21.5% discount on all O'Reilly books.

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