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Winter 1998 Conference

Using Those Spare Cycles

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Preliminary Announcement

Have you ever stopped to consider how much work your computers really do? Modern processors are so fast that your machines are often idle for over 90% of the time!

What can we do with all this extra capacity?

It's not just about encryption or finding large prime numbers. There are many projects that can be tackled with distributed computing of this scale.

Papers are invited to address this broad issue within an open systems environment. Possible topics might be:

Other related topics would also be of interest, do not feel constrained by the list.

Call for Papers

Papers are requested on topics relating to the broad themes outlined above. Submissions on other Current Research topics are also welcome, The Committee would particularly welcome presentations from students, and student's sponsorship may be available on a discretionary basis.

All accepted authors will be expected to submit a paper in electronic form conforming to the Conference Guidelines. Copies of the Guidelines are available from the UKUUG Secretariat and on-line.

You do not have to be a member of UKUUG to submit a paper. Submissions from speakers outside of the UK are welcome.

Significant Dates:

Method of Submission

Potential authors may request further information by sending electronic mail to Mick Farmer, Programme Chair. Initial abstracts should be sent either electronically or in hard copy format to the UKUUG Secretariat.

We will acknowledge all submissions.

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