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Dear Member,

RE: UKUUG - Annual General Meeting - 21st September, 2000 - 6.00 p.m.

We hope that you will this year make a special effort to attend the UKUUG AGM being held on Thursday,21st September at 6.00 p.m at the Institute of Education, London - Room 739.

The past year has been very successful for UKUUG with some very well attended events, a good Newsletter, an influx of new members and a growing interest in Linux. It is important that this momentum is maintained for the future and your support is especially needed now as there are 2 vacant places on Committee at this AGM.

The present Council of Management are:

Chairman - Charles Curran (elected Sept. '98)

Treasurer - Drew Durkin (elected Sept. '99)

David Hallowell (elected Sept. '98)

Alasdair Kergon (elected Sept. '99)

James Youngman (elected Sept. '99)

Mr. Simon Earthrowl resigned his Council place in November 1999 and this position has not to date been filled.

According to the Memorandum & Articles of Association members of the Council serve for a 3 year term of office after which they should stand down, but are eligible for re-election. A member of Council may not serve more than two consecutive terms of office save by Resolution of the members at a General Meeting.

Drew Durkin will be resigning at this AGM after one year on the Council.

This leaves Messrs. Curran, Hallowell, Kergon and Youngman who are all willing to continue. As the Council is made up of a maximum of 6 members we now have 2 vacant places available.

A strong Committee is essential so please consider whether you yourself or someone you know would be available to give time and effort for the benefit of the User Group, and complete the nomination form provided.

Meetings are held approximately 6 times per year so the task is not too onerous, and it is interesting to be involved. If you would like to find out more about Council activities, Charles Curran or Jane Morrison would be delighted to discuss this with you – please contact the UKUUG Secretariat in the first instance.

All members will receive the AGM agenda in the post. Please come, we look forward to seeing you.

The Agenda, Proxy Form and Nomination Form can also be found on the UKUUG web site - http://www.ukuug.org

Yours sincerely,

Helen Gibbons (Mrs)

Company Secretary

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