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  • Officers of the Group

    The present Council of Management are: Charles Curran (re-elected Sept. 2001); James Youngman (elected Sept. 1999); David Hallowell (re-elected Sept. 2001); Alasdair Kergon (elected Sept. 1999); Roger Whittaker (elected Sept. 2000); Owen Le Blanc (elected Sept. 2000).
    Council met fewer times than previously, with most business done through e-mail and telephone conference calls.
    James and Alasdair have served their elected period of office (their first term of three years) which terminates at this AGM. David and Owen are retiring early due to other commitments. Both James and Alasdair are standing for re-election. Two (further) nominations have been received for Sam Smith (who has been doing a lot of work with Council over this last year) and for Alain Williams (who has been involved in UKUUG since its early days).
  • Secretariat and Services

    Since June 2001, we have been obtaining office services through Jane Morrison's company, JMAS. The transition from the service at Owles Hall to the Manor House in Buntingford took place transparently. We owe Jane a special vote of thanks for making the changeover happen so smoothly.
    During this year, we switched our ISP from OA5 to [Univ. of] Manchester Computing; most of the work in this was handled by Sam Smith. We are grateful to Andrew Macpherson for the very hard work he put in to UKUUG's Internet presence over the years.
  • Events, etc.

    We continue to hold some quality events although few in number: Winter Conference and Perl for Sys Admin tutorial in London; Eric Raymond with talks at City Univ., NetProject, and Univ. of Oxford, as well as various press interviews; Linux 2002, Bristol, with 144 paying participants, and David Pogue on Mac OS X at the beginning of September.
    The Newsletter has now changed its production process completely. Now we need extra help with including good content.
    The Working Groups are still not really off the ground; we need members to participate in these and make things happen. Please!
  • Membership

    The register currently shows 401 paid members [422 members last year [432 previous year]] and 6 honorary members. These are classed as corporate 93 [94 [107]] (of the Corporate members, 49 [46 [55]] are academic, and 44 [48 [52]] commercial), individual 278 [247 [221]], and student 30 [24 [16]].
    We are proposing to introduce a class of Sponsoring memberships, probably 'silver' and 'gold' with fees of 1000 and 5000+. We will let you know of the details shortly.

Council Chairman, 2002-09-26