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Coping with XML

Aaron Crane (GBdirect Ltd)
7pm. Room 731; Institute of Education. London.

XML aims to be a simple, vendor-neutral external representation for any type of data. This unified representation ought to have many advantages, whether your concern is business or technology. Unfortunately, XML can be extremely hard for developers to work with. This talk begins by considering some of XML's manifest and myriad technological problems. It then moves on to the idea that, bad as XML is, you have to use it anyway if you want to remain able to do business in many environments. Finally, in light of these two conflicting facts, it studies various ways of minimising and managing the problems with XML, and considers several Unix-friendly tools for actually getting useful work done with XML.

See also: http://xmlsucks.org/

Aaron Crane has been using and hacking on Unix and Linux for the better part of a decade. He now works as a Trainer and Consulting Software Developer for GBdirect Ltd., a company which focuses on open-source software and solutions: http://www.gbdirect.co.uk/

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