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UKUUG Treasurer's Report

James Youngman - UKUUG Treasurer

Thursday 26th September 2002

Financial Year 2001 The year-end accounts for year 2001 have now been distributed to all members along with the Agenda, nomination forms, etc.
Charles Curran and myself continued as the two directors of UKUUG Ltd., and Jane Morrison continues as Company Secretary.
The accounts for financial year 2001 show a loss of 1354. Membership subscriptions this year are down by 1325 however, and much of the profit generated last year, which was 6394, was used to the benefit of the UKUUG Linux Developers' Conference. The amount of money held on deposit is also somewhat down, and interest rates have fallen.
You will also notice that the costs of council meetings this year have risen by £1454. This is largely caused by the fact that the council has been more active this year. One particular area of council activity which contributes to this is the fact that the council has taken over responsibility for editing the newsletter from the previous editor, Susan Small. Although this has contributed to the rise in council travel costs, a saving of £1448 has been made in newsletter expenses. The cost of newsletter and CD production has increased by £1205 however, since we produced one more issue of CD-ROMs in financial year 2001 than we did in financial year 2000.

UKNet Ltd.

The situation with UKNet Ltd., a dormant company owned by UKUUG, remains unchanged. The UKNet shares continue to be held by the UKUUG Company Secretary.

Looking Ahead

The Linux Developers' Conference continues to attract increasing numbers of delegates and has generated a profit, as for the previous year's conference (final figures will appear in the accounts for financial year 2002). The accounts for financial year 2002 will also include some late expenses which were in fact incurred in financial year 2001 but were not claimed at that time.
The UKUUG Council will continue to provide members with a whole range of benefits in return for their subscription fees. These include the newsletter, CD-ROMs, discounts on books, discounted rates at all UKUUG conferences and tutorials, as well as evening meetings with prominent speakers.
We are committed to investing the UKUUG funds wisely and looking after the reserves for the benefit of the members.