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Apple Technology briefing - Mac OS X and the Power of UNIX

Who: Simon Patience (Head of Core OS, Apple), and other speakers
When: Tuesday 11 November, 2003
10:45am start; 10am doors
Where: Apple UK, Stockley Park, Near Heathrow.
Cost:Free entry although preregistration is required and places are strictly limited.
You do not have to be a UKUUG member to attend

On November 11th, in association with Apple, UKUUG is proud to be organising an "Apple Technology briefing - Mac OS X and the Power of UNIX"


10:00 doors
10:15 Registration with coffee.
10:45 intro
10:50 Apple Pie: A new recipe - Stuart McRobert
11:20 Clustering in a High Performance, Heterogenous Environment - Ken Tabb: Slides (PDF)
11:50 discussion
12:00 lunch
13:00 Mac OS X and the Power of UNIX - Simon Patience, Head of Core OS, Apple
14:15 Discussion
14:30 Coffee
14:45 The joy of scripting on OS X - Simon Cozens: Slides (PDF)
15:15 Discussion
16:00 End.

Simon Patience is responsible for the BSD Core of Mac OS X, including the kernel and BSD commands and libraries and has been in Unix kernel development for 20 years. He will talk about the UNIX underpinnings of Mac OS X. Other talks will cover how to utilise Mac OS X in a heterogenous system/user environment.

OS X is known for its ease of use and innovative user interface, but many people don't know that it is also the most widely-distributed UNIX-based operating system.

This talk will discuss the architecture of OS X, the role that Unix plays in the system and the value it brings to a simple to use, desktop computer. It will describe what makes OS X a good server OS, combining the standard and secure Unix environment with Apple's ease of management. Topics will include the value that Apple brings to the Unix community, the commitment to Open Source and its contributions to the BSD and Darwin communities.

Apple has also brought some significant innovations that are available in Panther to Unix users and programmers. Some of the more important innnovations and the motivations for them will be described. It will also touch on some of the possible future challenges for Unix as the core of an advanced computer operating system and why OS X is the most likely place that these challenges will be solved.

This event is aimed at all UNIX users, particularly those interested in its core technologies and the associated development environments.

Registration for this event is free and open to all. Registrations must be confirmed and can be cancelled at any point after confirmation . Lunch is provided free of charge.

O'Reilly and Associates will be present selling books at a 25% discount. If you are attending the event, and wish to view/purchase a particular book, email Sarah at O'Reilly before November 4th, giving the full title, author, and your details. Also state that you will collect the book from the "UKUUG event at Apple on November 11th".

Acknowledgements: The UKUUG is grateful to Simon Patience for agreeing to speak, Apple for providing the main speaker, venue and publicity; along with a raft of other support.

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