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Apple Technology briefing - Mac OS X and High Performance Heterogenous Environments

Who: Jordan Hubbard (Apple), and other speakers
When: Monday 1st November, 2004
10:30am start; 10am doors
Where: Institute of Physics, 76 Portland Place, London
Cost:Free entry. You do not have to be a UKUUG member to attend

On November 1st, in association with Apple, UKUUG is proud to be organising its second "Apple Technology briefing - Mac OS X and High Performance Heterogenous Environments"


10:00 Registration with Tea & coffee.
10:30 Introduction
10:35 OS X within Particle Physics - Sabah Silah
11:30 Short break
11:35 Introduction to Cocoa programming on Mac OS X - Ken Tabb - Slides (pdf)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Jordan Hubbard (Apple) - Mac OS X
15:00 Tea & Coffee
15:15 Robert Watson
15:45 Discussion
16:00 Close.

Jordan Hubbard will talk on Mac OS X and:

  • Its UNIX lineage and primary reference code bases
  • The challenges of marrying UNIX with an ease-of-use doctrine
  • Enterprise vs Desktop challenges
  • What we've done so far in the UNIX arena
  • What we plan to do in the future and why

Jordan is the manager of BSD Technologies for Apple, large portions of which constitute Darwin (the UNIX-based core of the Mac OS X), and is substantially involved in Apple's open source activities. Before arriving at Apple, he was a Principal Technologist for Wind River Systems and was responsible for the FreeBSD CDROM product line at BSDi. Jordan co-founded and helped manage the FreeBSD project for many years and is a long-time contributor to the Open Source community. He's held various engineering and management positions in the U.S. and Europe, having begun his career as a teen, working on minicomputers back in the 1970's.

Ken Tabb will introduce the Xcode and Interface Builder developer tools that ship with Mac OS X, using them to demonstrate how easy it is to write Mac OS X applications in the Cocoa programming environment. Demonstrations will show how to wrap Aqua GUI front ends onto arbitrary UNIX shell command/scripts, illustrating the integration between Mac OS X's UNIX underpinnings and the Quartz / Aqua window manager.

Robert Watson is a Principal Research Scientist at McAfee Research, a commercial research organization performing computer security research for US government customers, and member of the FreeBSD Core Team. His recent work on FreeBSD includes the TrustedBSD MAC Framework, and fine-grained SMP locking of the network stack. He will talk about his work on porting this work to Darwin, and the similarities/differences between the two and how they were addressed.

Sabah Silah is a researcher in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester. He uses a cluster of Apple servers for CPU intensive processing tasks. He will provide detail information about the use of OS X in Particle Physics community. How we found it much easy to work with Apple software and Hardware.

This event is aimed at all UNIX users, particularly those interested in its core technologies and the associated development environments.

Registration for this event is free and open to all. Registrations must be confirmed and can be cancelled at any point after confirmation. Lunch is provided free of charge. Registrations will open shortly.

Apple will have a number of systems available for attendees to use during the day.

O'Reilly and Associates will be present selling books at a 25% discount. If you are attending the event, and wish to view/purchase a particular book, email Sarah at O'Reilly before October 24th, giving the full title, author, and your details. Also state that you will collect the book from the "UKUUG event on November 1st".

Acknowledgements: The UKUUG is grateful to Jordan Hubbard for agreeing to speak, Alan Bennett and Apple for providing the main speaker, venue and publicity; along with a raft of other support.

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