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Debian Packaging Tutorial - 19th May 2011

Tutor: Phil Hands

NOTE: All delegates should have a Debian system installed on their own laptop, if only in a chroot, or a virtual machine. It should be possible to do this from a Debian Live CD, or USB boot. Any delegate with an unusual Laptop, should confirm prior to the tutorial.

Description: This is a one-day course that will assume very little Debian specific knowledge, although attendees should have some familiarity with the GNU/Linux shell command line. At the end of the course, each attendee will have installed a build environment on their laptop, and understand how to prepare packages suitable for upload to Debian, as well as how one prepares a local repository for use in addition to the Debian archive.


  • Preparing a package from unpackaged sources
  • Patching pre-existing packages
  • The various packaging helpers, and packaging standards
  • Packaging in conjunction with Version Control Systems
  • Building in a clean environment, with Pbuilder and chums
  • Setting up and maintaining a local repository, with authentication
  • How to find out about the other specialised packaging methods in use

Other subjects will be explored on the route taken as each attendee assembles a package building infrastructure on their machine, depending upon the particular interests of those attending (within reason).

Tutor: Philip Hands is the owner of Ltd, a Free Software consultancy company based in London that has been providing commercial support for GNU/Linux since 1993. In 1996 he joined the Debian Project, initially by packaging rsync, and subsequently being responsible for packages including ssh/openssh, qmail-src, mgetty. He also owns and runs the machine that hosts, was a member of the Debian Project's System Administration team for about a decade, was an early member of the Debian Policy editing group, and wrote the auto-install portion of Debian-Installer (for easier unattended installs). He's been a member UKUUG since 1995 and a member of the UKUUG Council since 2006. He's also been an organiser of and sponsor for DebConf (the annual Debian Conference) every year since DebConf7 in 2007, which was held in Edinburgh, and was when he designed the Debian Tartan.

Book now: online or booking PDF.

The tutorials take place at the Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London WC1B 5BB, starting at 09:30 and ending at approx. 17:00

Book now: online or booking PDF.

Early-Bird booking rates (after 21st April)

Individual/Academic Members rate: £275 inc VAT
Corporate Members rate: £325 inc VAT
Non-members rate: £400 inc VAT

Delegate fees above include am, pm breaks, lunch and a full set of tutorial notes.

Book now: online or booking PDF.

CANCELLATIONS: Refunds on any cancellation will be subjected to a £30 fee (inc. VAT). Refunds will not be made on delegate places cancelled after 1st May. LIABILITY: UKUUG does not accept any responsibility for damage to, or loss of property or injury to person during the entire event.
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