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Upgrading from BIND 8 to BIND 9

Thursday 8th February 2001

Tutor:  Jim Reid (Nominum)

University of Newcastle upon Tyne

UKUUG is pleased to announce a further tutorial presented by Jim Reid of Nominum in the DNS Bind series. 

Following on from the very successful tutorial held in London in October, Jim Reid has agreed to present a half day tutorial on the morning of Thursday 8th February, just prior to the UKUUG winter conference.

The venue is the University Ballroom, Newcastle upon Tyne.  Further details can be found in the winter conference leaflet. The tutorial will start at 09.30 and will finish at 13.00 with lunch.  Refreshments will be provided together with a full set of notes to accompany the tutorial.
If you wish to book a tutorial place please contact the UKUUG Secretariat.  All bookings will be acknowledged and VAT receipts sent.  Payment must accompany all booking forms.

Who Should Attend, What They Should Know, What They Will Learn

This half-day course is designed for domain administrators currently running a version of BIND 8 on their systems who wish to upgrade to the most recent version of BIND. The architecture model for BIND 9 is quite different from that of BIND 8. This course will explain the differences between the two versions. Features that are new to BIND 9 will be highlighted, and explanations provided regarding how best to take advantage of them.

Attendees should already have a basic understanding of the Internet and Unix operating systems, and be comfortable with editing files and installing software on their systems. It is expected that attendees can create zone files for domains and subdomains and the in-addr.arpa domain, create BIND 8 configuration files with zone and option statements, set up resolvers, handle common tasks and problems with name servers, and use various tools for name server management and troubleshooting.

Course outline:

PRICES for this half-day tutorial, to include lunch, refreshments, and tutorial notes:

Academic and non-profit making organisations:  £100 plus VAT

Commercial members £175 plus VAT

Non-Members £380 plus VAT

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