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Tutor:  Jim Reid - Nominum

Thursday 5thOctober 2000

The Imperial Hotel

Russell Square, London WC1B 5BB

Tutorial description:

Introduction to DNS administration

The  morning tutorial covers the basics of the DNS, explaining the jargon, how  the DNS works and the important resource records.  It will show how to set  up simple name server configurations with BIND8: a caching-only server,  master and slave (primary and secondary) servers.   It will also explain  how to maintain zone files and avoid common mistakes when configuring name  servers and resolvers.  Basic troubleshooting techniques and tools will  be discussed.  The tutorial will also explain how to upgrade from BIND4  to the current BIND releases.

The  afternoon session explains some of the new features in Advanced DNS administrationBIND8 and BIND9 and  how to use them: dynamic DNS, access control lists, the logging subsystem.Some more complex name server configurations will be shown - split DNS  and internal root - and when these should be used.  The tutorial explains  how to set up Secure DNS.The tutorial will close with look at some of  the new DNS developments concerning IPv6 and BIND9.

Who should attend?

The  tutorial is intended for anyone who maintains the DNS or needs to know how  it works.The material in the morning session is intended for novice DNS  administrators.Topics in the afternoon session will be more suited to experienced DNS administrators who want to know how to do more with BIND8 or BIND9. Attendees should have some understanding of UNIX system administration and an appreciation of Internet protocols.


Who is this tutor?

Jim  Reid has been involved in Unix and networking for so long that he had an  account on the UK's ARPAnet node at UCL-CS.  He is a well-known conference  speaker and has over 10 years experience writing and presenting training  courses.  Jim designed and built the DNS backbone of the Philips intranet,  one of the biggest networks in the world.  He now heads the European operation  of Nominum, the company which writes and supports the DNS software, BIND,  that runs on 90% of the world's name servers.  His book on DNS administration  will get published by Addison-Wesley one day.

Nominum:  Based  in the Silicon Valley, Nominum, Inc. is the world leader in development  and support of Internet naming and address management solutions.  Virtually  all internetworking software, including electronic mail, files transfer  and web browsers depend upon Domain Name System (DNS) software.  The DNS  implementation known as Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) is by far the  most commonly used domain name server on the Internet and Dynamic Host Configuration  Protocol (DHCP) is the most widely used open source server software for  the automated assignment of IP addresses.  Nominum writes both of these  applications to the standards as defined by the Internet Engineering Task  Force (IETF).  The BIND and DHCP software is freely available as open source  via the Internet Software Consortium's website: http://www.isc.org/.

More information about Nominum can be found at:  http://www.nominum.com/

VENUEThe Imperial Hotel

Russell Square

London WC1B 5BB Tel: 020 7637 2488

The nearest underground station is Russell Square.  A car park is available under the hotel.

The tutorial will be held in the Caesar Room.

Starting  at 09.15 for coffee, tea and registration the actual tutorial will start  at 09.45 a.m. -  there will be a further morning coffee, tea break and a  sit down lunch and afternoon refreshments.

All delegates will receive a full set of tutorial notes at registration.

The Tutorial will finish at approximately 5.30 p.m.


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