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Tutorial: Advanced topics in DNS Administration

Tutor: Jim Reid
When: Tuesday 20th April 2004. 9:15 - 17:00
Where: The Imperial Hotel. Russell Square, London WC1B 5BB
Booking deadline: Wednesday 14th April
Cost: £220 UKUUG members (non-profit making organisations)
£275 UKUUG members (commercial making organisations)
£400 non-members
The above costs include a full day tutorial, all refreshments, lunch and a set of tutorial notes.
A printable booking form is available (PDF)

Tutorial description:

  • The BIND9 logging subsystem
    • Getting the most from the nameserver's logs
  • Managing the name server with rndc
    • Configuring split DNS: internal and external versions of a domain
    • Using the views mechanism of BIND9 to implement split DNS
  • Setting up an internal root server
  • Securing the name server
    • Running it chroot()
    • Using access control lists
    • Preventing unwanted access
  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
    • Dynamic updates with nsupdate
    • DDNS and Active Directory
  • The Lightweight Resolver Daemon, lwresd
  • Secure DNS (DNSSEC)
    • Using Transaction Signatures (TSIG)
    • Using SIG(0)
    • How to sign zones with dnssec-keygen and dnssec-signzone

Who should attend?
DNS administrators who wish to extend their understanding of how to configure and manage name servers running BIND9. Attendees should have some experience of running a BIND8 or BIND9 name server and be familiar with DNS jargon for resource records, as well as the syntax of zone files and named.conf. This tutorial will answer the question, "I've set up master (primary) and slave (secondary) name servers. What else can I do with the name server?"

About the tutor
Picture of Jim Reid Jim Reid started using a PDP11/45 running V7 UNIX over 20 years ago and has been working with UNIX systems ever since. He worked for three years at Origin on behalf of Philips Electronics, where he wrote a DNS management system and designed, built, and ran the DNS infrastructure for the corporate network, one of the biggest in the world. He has over a decade's experience in writing and teaching training courses ranging from kernel internals, through system administration and network security, to DNS administration. He's a frequent speaker and tutorial presenter at conferences and workshops in Europe and the USA. He chairs the DNS Working Group at RIPE and is active in ENUM, serving as Chair and Technical Manager of the UK ENUM Trial Group.

B&B at The Imperial Hotel
£73 single including vat and full English breakfast. Tel reservations 0207 278 7871

There is the possiblity of rerunning this tutorial at some point in early 2005. If you would be interested, please contact the UKUUG office.

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