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Doing E-Business?

2nd November 1999

The Brewery
Chiswell Street London EC1
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The UKUUG are offering a one day conference to all organisations doing e-business, or are thinking of doing e-business. On offer is how to achieve a better web site, how to enable e- commerce, and how to do e-business. We will be presenting the latest technologies, and experienced web masters.

Who should attend?    You!

Are you involved with doing business on the internet? Then this will be of interest.

The one day conference is organised into two tracks. The first track is targeted for designers, and staff concerned with the process of doing business. The emphasis is placed on general considerations in setting up – or improving – or enabling a site for e-commerce.

The issues that are developed within the track include: legal, media, customer engineering, and content management.

The second track is of a more technical content. It is targeted towards the implementers. Here the emphasis is on the managing a successful web site, with a unique insight into two of the most popular web sites in Britain today.

The conclusion, and panel session at the end of the conference, discusses one of the burning issues in the web hosting business today. With the impending e-commerce bill, this discussion may be re-titled “E-Commerce act – how does it affect you”.

For more information contact e-commerce@ukuug.org.

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