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A short history of the European BSD Conferences

2001: Brighton, UK

It all started early in the new millennium, when a few british BSD enthusiasts decided that waiting for someone else to organise a BSD conference in Europe would get them nowhere. So they took things into their own hands, registered a domain, put up a website and announced the news to all and sundry: There would be a great gathering of fellows from all the BSD projects in the seaside town of Brighton late in 2001. The message was well received, and so from 9. to 11. of November 2001 people from all over Europe (and some from other continents as well) gathered in the Thistle Hotel to attend tutorials, listen to talks and last but not least to have a good time and meet the real persons behind those mail addresses.

2002: Amsterdam, NL

BSDCon Europe (which was the name used then) 2002 took place in the Mercure Hotel in Amsterdam. The organizers from the Netherlands kept on good ideas from Brighton like having two days of talks with an extra day of tutorials before and handing out a "Best Paper" award. In fact, these things are still done today and are now often seen as a tradition that has been here since basically forever. Amsterdam was the first of the conferences to have custom artwork; here it took the form of the famous "power meets beauty" conference t-shirts.
Talking about the next conference it was thought that maybe one conference every year was a bit to often, so people should be given the chance to attend the Usenix BSDCon in California in 2003 and the next BSD conference in Europe would happen in 2004.

2004: Karlsruhe, DE

And so it happened: 2004 the BSD communities gathered in Karlsruhe, Germany for the 3rd EuroBSDCon (this shorter name was mainly used from now on). Again custom artwork was done, this time for the conference poster that could be downloaded from the conference site. The number of attendees had grown to more than 200 and it was decided that Europe was big enough to have an annual BSD conference, so from now on the conferences would happen every year.

2005: Basel, CH

In 2005 the conference was held in Basel, Switzerland. This was the first of the conferences that was not held in a hotel but in rooms provided by the University of Basel. As in the years before there where plenty of talks and tutorials on "all things BSD" as well as a few things outside the box: The "mistery session" had the chief editor of a well known german unix magazine tell the audience "Why I don't use BSD".

2006: Milano, IT

The 5th EuroBSDCon was the first (and so far only) one south of the Alps in the city of Milan, Italy. Well known for their hospitality, the Italians where the first to introduce a spouse program to the conference, so in the not so rare case of only half of a couple being a BSD enthusiasts, the other half would have a good reason to join the trip anyway.

2007: KÝbenhavn, DK

2007 saw the conference in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Taking place at Symbion Science Park, this conference started a day earlier than the previous conferences with tutorials on Thursday, leaving the Sunday free to offer an (optional) family trip to Legoland.

2008: Strasbourg, FR

The 2008 conference was hosted at the University of Strasbourg, France. This time even two days of tutorials were offered in addition to the two days of talks. Also a first: The BSD Certification Group offered an opportunity to take the exams for the BSDCA certificate during the conference.

2009: Cambridge, UK

Returning to the United Kingdom, the 2009 conference will be held at the University of Cambridge and continue the history of EuroBSDCon. Looking forward to meeting you all in Cambridgeshire from 18.-20. of September.

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