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Alan Cox

Linux Support for the I20 Architecture.

I20 is an exciting new detailed specification for an interface to high-performance I/O systems. It is being developed by a group consisting of many of the leading software and hardware manufacturers, for more information about I20 please visit Alan Cox will talk about his latest project, Linux support for this new standard in the 2.3 series of kernels.

Alan will introduce the I2O Architecture and how it affects Linux. He will also describe the current status of I2O on Linux and the architecture it uses, as well as the problems that have yet to be resolved.

Alan Cox is already well known to much of the Linux community for his work on much of the Linux Kernel, and through his 'AC' series kernel patches. Past projects include the original Linux SMP code, reviewing of the IPv6 support and recently he helped RedHat with the kernel for their latest release, RedHat 6.0. Until fairly recently he was employed as techincal director of but now has founded his own company, Building Number Three, which works mainly for RedHat Software. In his 'spare' time he is working on other projects including 'Video for Linux' and Linux-SGI porting.

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