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Steve Whitehouse

DECnet - How to Implement a Linux Network Protocol

The Linux DECnet project is producing a suite of tools to allow connection of VAX/VMS and similar systems to Linux. This talk will focus upon the history of the project and the problems faced in the implementation of a network protocol under Linux. It will include a brief overview of the new protocol independent neighbour and destination caches included in recent kernels and the way they are used with DECnet.

Steve Whitehouse is a research student in the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge. He began working on modifications to the AX.25 code as a member of the Swansea University Computer Society and founded the Linux DECnet project so he could connect his Linux-based PC to some (now defunct) MicroVAXen that he had been given. At various times he has contributed bug fixes to several parts of the Linux networking code.

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