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Speakers List

Martin HoustonWelcome and Introduction on both days
John AdamsFrom Qube to Android
Mapping out the territory that free source software will take on it's way to dominance.
Malcolm BeattieDesign and implementation of a large scalable mail server.
Based on his experience at the Oxford University Computing Services.
Alan CoxLinux Support for the I20 Architecture
Alan Cox, talks about Linux support for this new interface for high performance I/O systems.
Philip HazelExim - the Executive Summary.
The author tells us a little bit about how this popular replacement for sendmail works.
Ian JacksonPossibly about working on large projects.
From his time spent working on the Debian project.
Russell KingThe History of ARM Linux
In this talk one of the people involved in porting ARM Linux to many platforms describes it's developement.
Luke LeightonSAMBA: NT Domains for Unix
Michael MeeksHacking at your GNOME!
A member of the GNOME office developmet team introduces GNOME, and how to make it work for you.
Peter PolkinghorneSamba: applied in the large
Peter Polkinghorne works in the Computing Service at Brunel University, using Samba to provide network file service to an increasing horde of NT clients
Dick PorterORBit, A High-Performance CORBA ORB
Dick explains why CORBA is both useful and effective.
James TroupThe Debian Build Daemon
This is a project which we wrote as part of the Debian m68k port, but is now used on 4 architectures' Debian ports.
Stephen TweedieEnterprise Filesystems and Ext3
Ext3, the filesystem it is hoped will replace Ext2 as the standard filesystem for linux systems.
Linux multi processor support.
Steve WhitehouseDECnet - How to Implement a New Network Protocol
The Linux DECnet project is producing a suite of tools to allow connection of VAX/VMS and similar systems to Linux.

Exhibitors List

A chance to buy their books with a 25% discount.
Makers of an in-car MP3 player that uses Linux.
The Linux Emporium
A popular place to buy cheap Linux CD's.
Jason Clifford Consulting
Offering a range of Linux hardware as well as Definite Linux - Jason's own distribution based on RedHat.
GB Direct
Promoting their services as well as selling Linux mugs and PC badges.
Demonstrating their open source project.
CD-ROM Distribution
Selling Linux boxed sets.
Wrox Press
Promoting their range of books.

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