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7 - 9 July 2000, Hammersmith (West London)

Luke Leighton

Samba TNG

Samba The Next Generation is a development branch that provides important Windows NT Domain interoperability - so much so that it is already being used in production environments, prior to release.

Samba TNG provides NT Domain membership and also Primary Domain Controller functionality. It also includes comprehensive unix command-line tools to manage Windows NT and Windows NT-compatible systems, including regedit and samedit (regedit was recently used to efficiently clean up thousands of NT systems affected by the ILY virus).

The Samba TNG code-base has also been used to develop winbindd, which makes PAM and nsswitch enabled Unix systems full members of a Windows NT Domain. winbindd is a far more scalable solution than NIS or NIS+ and, at last, fulfils the Holy Grail of single-sign-on for Unix and NT users.

Luke Leighton is a member of The Samba Team currently working in Australia for LinuxCare.

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