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7 - 9 July 2000, Hammersmith (West London)

Owen LeBlanc


Imagine a network file system so resilient that you can go on reading and writing files even when the servers are down, something that lets you work disconnected and then connect briefly to synchronise. This is Coda, not vapourware, but here and working. If you are putting together a system on which high availability is more important than easy administration, if you have a small number of users and a relatively small amount of data, then Coda may be just what you need. I'll try to explain something about Coda, what it does, how it works, and what's involved in setting it up and running it; I hope this will be enough to help you decide whether you can use it in your setup.

Born in New Orleans in 1951, I have lived in Britain for 25 years. I have degrees in classical languages, philosophy, and symbolic logic from American and British universities. I've been a professional system administrator for 20 years, and involved with Linux since 1991. I am notorious for having written the Linux fdisk program; I've messed up more hard disks than anyone else in the world, unless you give Bill Gates that prize. I was also the person who created and maintained the ancient MCC Interim Linux distribution from about February 1992 to the last release in September 1996, the only distribution ever to tell people not to use it. Professionally, I'm a Unix system administrator who specialises (at the moment) in network file systems and web serving.

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