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7 - 9 July 2000, Hammersmith (West London)

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VMware, Inc. is an innovative software company that offers a dramatically new approach to personal computing. VMware shatters the limits of personal computing and frees developers and end users to be more innovative and experimental - without risk.

VMware aims to eliminate the constraints imposed by the traditional "one computer, one operating system" mode of computing. This mode dictates a one to one mapping between a user's hardware, operating system, and applications, and significantly limits the flexibility and productivity of developers, end users, and their organizations.

Until now, operating systems have been tied to a standard computer, and developers and other users could run only one operating system at a time on their PC. In addition, when they upgraded to a new operating system or moved to a new hardware platform, they risked the stability and integrity of their applications.

VMware is shattering these limitations with its powerful, patent-pending technology. VMware lets users mix and match operating systems, applications, and standard PC hardware. VMware provides full fault and security isolation, meaning that applications and data running in each virtual machine environment may be fully protected.

With VMware, people and organizations can use their PCs more flexibly, productively, and confidently than ever before.

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