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Linux 2001 — Linux Developers' Conference
29 June - 1 July 2001,
Renold Building
, UMIST, Manchester


At the moment not all the papers are available on this site. Updates will happen over the next few days. At the moment only the papers in HTML format are displayed on this site, the papers are available in other formats on the conference CD which all members and delegates should have received.

Randy Appleton Benchmarking the Linux Kernel
Andrea Arcangeli - SuSE Labs vsyscalls
Andrea Arcangeli - SuSE Labs NUMA support and O_DIRECT
Professor David Aspinall The Birth of Computing in Manchester - Part Two
Chris Benson - Treepax DCE is alive and well in a data-centre near you - Why Linux Developers need to know about DCE (Distributed Computing Environment)
Nick Davis - EMEA Linux Solutions Marketing Manager, IBM Recent & Future Linux Developments at IBM
Christian Egli Rapid Application Development with GNOME and Python
David Faure - MandrakeSoft KDE Architecture and Development
Robert J Gautier, Ateb Ltd. Design and Management of a Brute-Force Cluster: Use of a 64-node Beowulf Cluster in Bioinformatics
Martin Hamilton - JANET Web Cache Service Heartbeat and Linux Virtual Server
Werner Heuser Linux on Laptops
Werner Heuser Linux on PDAs
Dave Jones - SuSE Linux Tuning with Powertweak
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton Samba TNG Architecture and Design
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton Pymmetry - Python Trust Metrics
David McAllister Linux Clusters in the XSP Environment
Michael Meeks GNOME Architecture and Development
Richard J Moore - IBM Linux Technology Centre Dynamic Probes - A trace mechanism for both user and kernel space
Richard J Moore - IBM Linux Technology Centre Generalised Kernel Hooks Interface - A High Speed Call-back Mechanism for the Linux Kernel
Alex Perry The FlightGear Flight Simulator - Realism through Adaptability
Tom Rathborne Fractal generation using GIMP MathMap
Tom Rathborne www.gimp.org - Simplifying dynamic websites with mod_perl and The GIMP
Stephan Richter Zope - The Open Source Web Application Server
Professor Frank Sumner The Birth of Computing in Manchester - Part One
Bo Thorsen - SuSE Labs Porting Linux to AMD x86-64 (sledgehammer)
Steve Whitehouse - Sistina Software Zero Copy, Hidden Dragon
David Woodhouse - Red Hat Inc. The Journalling Flash File System
Wookey - Aleph One Ltd. WITHDRAWN TALK Open Hardware and Embedded GNU/Linux

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