Current Status

Source Code

The current version of code is 1.2.2. This code is licensed to members of the Open Group and other interested parties. Vendors port the code to their platforms and resell it to their customers.

The source code is also available for download from the Open Group's web site.



The normal licence, "Source License with Full Distribution Rights", permits licensees to resell binaries and imposes accounting and monitoring duties on them. It starts at $100,000.

The "OSF DCE 1.2.2 Source License with Limited Distribution Rights" may be more interesting. This allows "unlimited internal use" for "academic, research and internal business purposes only, without fee". "The licensee may make derivative copies of the software, provided that such derivatives can only be used for the purposes specified in the license grants above" and "provided that no modifications are made to the published interfaces". The licensed code can only be given to "parties that have a DCE source license of the same level" but "Diff's required for porting or testing may be made freely available".