The Players

The existing DCE licensees may be grouped in several ways. Here is one way of categorising them. Some organisations belong in more than one category! These are some of the major players in the DCE world, and a joker.

Lost the Plot

Once upon a time these organisations understood what DCE was for and what it could do for them.

Still Alive

Some organisations are still making good use of DCE:

The Dark Horse

Microsoft. Looked at DCE during planning for Distributed COM and NT. This caused some ambivalence in the DCE world: on one hand perhaps every PC would be able to be part of a secure, distributed system. On the other hand ... well, it was Microsoft!

In the event, Microsoft re-implemented the RPC mechanism so that it was "wire-compatible" with DCE/RPC but had different IDL syntax and API. This gave Microsoft a cross-platform IPC mechanism which it has used to implement other services and applications. The initial lack of distributed security and a scaleable directory service is now being fixed in MS Windows/2000 with its extended Kerberos and ActiveDirectory.