Why am I telling you all this?

Several groups should be interested in the availability of DCE on Linux:

Large organisations using DCE/DFS. There have been few alternatives for inexpensive client platforms: the choice is MS Windows 3, 9x, NT or 2000. Many environments that should be natural for Linux (for example, university computing labs.) will be able to use it for the first time.

Large users of DTPM applications. The weak link in the security of many applications has been at the client. Until NTFS any user with access to a PC had access to all programs and data, including authentication credentials. More users are being converted to MS Windows/NT but this brings other challenges! A reliable, inexpensive Unix-like system may be welcome in applications like trading rooms that need reliability and security. An operating system that can be used in embedded systems could find a home in ATMs.

Independent developers. Several individuals and groups have developed applications that integrate with DCE and related technologies. Some of the DCE-related projects are:

From this list it appears that the area for which DCE may turn out to be most useful is integration with MicroSoft applications from non-MS platforms.

DCE should be of interest for any developers looking for a stable base from which to develop large-scale, secure distributed applications.