The Future

There were plans for a DCE v2.0 based on the experiences with the first version, but the Open Group has now stopped funding the development of DCE. There is an attempt by groups inside and outside TOG to have DCE free-d/open-sourced. (There are also groups (IP lawyers, bureaucrats, ...) trying to stop it: the original code came from several organisations with various licences; it has been modified by other organisations who feel they have some rights). There is a lot of checking of code and licences to be done.

If (when!) the DCE code is freely available, there are many interesting possibilities:

While the problems that DCE tries to solve are even more pressing today than when DCE was designed, DCE has never had a very high profile. This is partly the fate of middleware - a hidden technology that does not provide any solutions by itself. Another reason may be that DCE was never new and sexy: it re-used tried and tested technology. But for many distributed computing applications, DCE is still a very good base to build on.