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Linux 2001 — Linux Developers' Conference
29 June - 1 July 2001,
Renold Building
, UMIST, Manchester

David McAllister

Linux Clusters in the XSP Environment

As enterprise customers increasingly view technology as a competitive differentiator, their Internet data center requirements have exploded. At the same time, running an IT operation has never been more complex. ASPs, ISPs, hosting and collocation providers are expected to manage this unprecedented growth, provide scalable access to computing resources and ensure application availability for their users. Clusters of smaller systems are rapidly becoming the XSP model of choice for meeting these requirements and for alleviating the pain points of the traditional big iron model.

This session examines the viability of Linux clusters for high-availability and load-balancing in the outsourced data center. While these cluster models have much in common (redundant data paths, N+1 hardware classes) their implementation and management can differ greatly. Several Open Source and commercial packages that provide HA and/or load-balancing functionality for the service provider environment will be evaluated.

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