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Linux 2001 — Linux Developers' Conference
29 June - 1 July 2001,
Renold Building
, UMIST, Manchester


Randy AppletonBenchmarking the Linux Kernel
Andrea Arcangeli - SuSE Labsvsyscalls
Andrea Arcangeli - SuSE LabsNUMA support and O_DIRECT
Professor David AspinallThe Birth of Computing in Manchester - Part Two
Chris Benson - TreepaxDCE is alive and well in a data-centre near you - Why Linux Developers need to know about DCE (Distributed Computing Environment)
Nick Davis - EMEA Linux Solutions Marketing Manager, IBMRecent & Future Linux Developments at IBM
Christian EgliRapid Application Development with GNOME and Python
David Faure - MandrakeSoftKDE Architecture and Development
Robert J Gautier, Ateb Ltd.Design and Management of a Brute-Force Cluster: Use of a 64-node Beowulf Cluster in Bioinformatics
Martin Hamilton - JANET Web Cache ServiceHeartbeat and Linux Virtual Server
Werner HeuserLinux on Laptops
Werner HeuserLinux on PDAs
Dave Jones - SuSELinux Tuning with Powertweak
Luke Kenneth Casson LeightonSamba TNG Architecture and Design
Luke Kenneth Casson LeightonPymmetry - Python Trust Metrics
David McAllisterLinux Clusters in the XSP Environment
Michael MeeksGNOME Architecture and Development
Richard J Moore - IBM Linux Technology CentreDynamic Probes - A trace mechanism for both user and kernel space
Richard J Moore - IBM Linux Technology CentreGeneralised Kernel Hooks Interface - A High Speed Call-back Mechanism for the Linux Kernel
Alex PerryThe FlightGear Flight Simulator - Realism through Adaptability
Tom RathborneFractal generation using GIMP MathMap
Tom Rathborne www.gimp.org - Simplifying dynamic websites with mod_perl and The GIMP
Stephan RichterZope - The Open Source Web Application Server
Professor Frank SumnerThe Birth of Computing in Manchester - Part One
Bo Thorsen - SuSE LabsPorting Linux to AMD x86-64 (sledgehammer)
Steve Whitehouse - Sistina SoftwareZero Copy, Hidden Dragon
David Woodhouse - Red Hat Inc.The Journalling Flash File System
Wookey - Aleph One Ltd.WITHDRAWN TALK Open Hardware and Embedded GNU/Linux

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