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UKUUG Linux Developers' Conference
Linux 2002
4 - 7 July 2002


Photos of the event. Papers that we received from speakers.


Once again, a wide cross-section of the Linux development community gathered at the start of July for the UKUUG’s summer technical conference. The conference moves about the UK from year to year: in 2002 we visited Bristol which has Brunel’s magnificent Suspension Bridge.

Speakers travelled from nine countries around the globe to present their work and formed our largest programme to-date. We began on Thursday 4th July with tutorials on Shared Libraries, given by Ulrich Drepper, the glibc maintainer, and the Linux Terminal Server Project, given by the project’s founder, Jim McQuillan.

After a Linux printing workshop on Friday morning (CUPS/KDEPrint), the conference proper began at lunchtime and ran through to Sunday lunchtime. Highlights of the programme included:

  • The Linux Kernel (Marcelo Tosatti, 2.4 maintainer)
  • The Hurd (Marcus Brinkmann)
  • Linux on AMD’s Hammer architecture (Bo Thorsen)
  • Linux-ABI (Christoph Hellwig)
  • Dynamic Binary Translation (Mark Probst)
  • FreeDCE (Luke Leighton)
  • Emdebsys (Wookey)
  • Gnome 2.0 (Michael Meeks)
  • DotGNU (David Sugar)
  • Exim 4 (Philip Hazel)
  • glibc2.3 (Ulrich Drepper)
  • Valgrind (Julian Seward)
  • Zope 3.0 (Stephan Richter)
  • MySQL (David Axmark)
  • Free Telephony (David Sugar)
  • Bugzilla (Gerv Markham)
  • RT (Simon Myers)
  • Subversion (Sander Striker)
  • MathMap (Mark Probst)
  • WorldForge (Alistair Riddoch)
  • Lego programming (Stephen Coast)
And also: Securing Linux Servers; Wireless Networking; Grid Computing; LTSP; PHP; Linux in Undergraduate Teaching; Reliability, Availability & Serviceability and a chance to examine Sony’s PlayStation 2 Linux.

The full programme is here.
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The conference dinner was held aboard The Shoots floating restaurant on the Friday evening.

Our conference and tutorial registration fees were again low thanks to generous sponsorship from IBM and AMD.

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