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UKUUG Linux Developers' Conference
Linux 2002
4 - 7 July 2002


David Axmark - MySQL AB (Sweden)MySQL: The Commercial OpenSource Database
Mike Banahan - GBdirect Ltd.Using the Linux Terminal Server Project in a Development Environment
Ruediger Berlich (Germany)GRID Computing
Marcus Brinkmann (Germany)The GNU Hurd
Stephen Coast - University College LondonLEGO Programming with Open Source Tools
Aaron Crane - GBdirect Ltd.Experiences of Using PHP in Large Websites
Ulrich Drepper - glibc maintainer, Red HatTUTORIAL: How to write Shared Libraries
Ulrich Drepper - glibc maintainer, Red Hatglibc2.3
Craig Duffy - Bristol UWETen things to do with a Dead PC in Bristol: Using Linux in Undergraduate Teaching
Nigel Edwards - Internet Security Solutions Division, Hewlett-PackardSecuring Linux Servers
Sarah Ewen - SonyTux's new Playground: Linux for PlayStation 2
Philip Hazel - University of Cambridge Computing ServiceExim 4
Christoph Hellwig (Germany)Linux-ABI: Support for Non-native Applications
Josh Howlett - University of BristolBristol's Nomadic Network: Building a Secure, Seamless & Scaleable Wireless LAN
Dave Jones - SuSE LabsBuried alive in patches: Six months picking up the pieces of the Linux 2.5 kernel.
Luke Leighton - Samba TNGFreeDCE
Nils Magnus (Germany)Attacking Linux Servers
Gervase Markham - mozilla.orgThe Bugzilla Story: Evolution under Pressure
Jim McQuillan - LTSP FounderTUTORIAL: Thin Clients in a GNU/Linux Environment with the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)
Michael Meeks - XimianGnome 2.0: Coming to a Desktop near you!
Richard J Moore - IBM UK Ltd.RAS round-up from the IBM Linux Technology Centre
Simon Myers - GBdirect Ltd.Using RT to Keep Track of Bugs, Ideas, Users, and Your Life in General
Kurt Pfeifle - Danka Deutschland GmbHWORKSHOP: Linux Printing using CUPS
Kurt Pfeifle - Danka Deutschland GmbHKDEPrint: Ready for professional Desktop and Enterprise Network Printing requirements
Mark Probst (Austria)Dynamic Binary Translation
Mark Probst (Austria)The MathMap Image Manipulation Language
Stephan RichterZope 3: Component Architecture with a Twist
Alistair Riddoch and James TurnerTechnologies For Building Open-Source Massively Multiplayer Games
Julian Seward - bzip2 and Valgrind authorValgrind: An Open-Source Memory Debugger for x86-linux
Sander Striker (Netherlands)Subversion: A Version Control System Replacing CVS
David SugarFree Telephony and GNU Bayonne
David Sugar - Chairman, FSF DotGNU steering committeeDotGNU and you: The Future of Web Services for Free Software
Bo Thorsen - SuSE Labs (Denmark)Running Linux on AMD's x86-64 Architecture
Marcelo Tosatti (2.4 maintainer, Brazil) and othersPanel Discussion: The Linux Kernel
Jason Vokes - BorlandRAD Development for Linux
Wookey - Aleph One Ltd.The Easy Way to make Embedded Distributions: emdebsys

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